Japanese Army Weapons Teams

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Infantry weapon teams are an important part of any Bolt Action army, as they provide your squad with great tactical flexibility. Sniper teams, anti-tank teams, and flamethrower teams are among the most prevalent weapon types that present the enemy with numerous challenges to overcome.

The lack of anti-tank guns that could take on heavier tanks such as the Sherman caused the Japanese infantry to develop desperate anti-tank weapons. These often required soldiers to take extreme risk or even sacrifice their lives. The most famous of these weapons was the lunge mine, a shaped charge mounted on a bamboo pole. In other cases, soldiers waited in camouflaged pits with an artillery shell that they rammed into the floor of a passing tank, or they strapped on several magnetic mines or satchel charges and threw themselves at the enemy vehicle.

Engineer units formed a component of each IJA division. They carried explosives for demolitions and attacks on enemy fortifications and were also equipped for mine sweeping. Some carried the Type 100 flamethrower, which was used in Indonesia and the Philippines in the early years of World War II.

The jungles of South Asia provided ample opportunity for snipers to make their mark, and Japanese snipers were well served by the Type 97 sniper rifle with scope. The rifle was particularly suited to covert snipers, as the small-caliber bullet and long barrel produced little muzzle flash or smoke, so the shooter could not be seen by the enemy.

Box contains:

  • Six Warlord Resin™ figures
  • Plastic bases
  • Three command dice

These figures are cast from the new and improved Warlord Resin Plus™.

  • Historical Factions: Japan
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