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In the mystical world of Moonstone, where fantastic creatures and enchanting adventures unfold, the Jackalope emerges as a unique and remarkable character. As an animal, the Jackalope possesses a set of traits and abilities that set it apart from conventional characters on the battlefield.

Razor Sharp Antlers: The Jackalope's most distinctive feature is its razor-sharp antlers. When it deals Piercing Melee damage, these antlers become formidable weapons, increasing the damage dealt by an impressive +2. Its piercing strikes cut through defenses with ease, making it a force to be reckoned with in close combat.

Burrowing Claws: The Jackalope's Burrowing Claws grant it an advantage during the Harvest action. The first time it performs a Harvest action each turn, it can reduce the depth value by 2 instead of the usual 1. This nimble digging ability allows it to gather resources swiftly, giving it an edge in resource management.

Fluffy: The Jackalope's fluffy and resilient fur reduces the impact damage it suffers by -1. This natural protection makes it surprisingly sturdy against physical blows, ensuring its survival on the battlefield.

Hippity: The Jackalope's ability to move freely over intervening obstacles and models during Jog actions is represented by its Hippity trait. It can gracefully navigate the terrain, provided that bases do not overlap at the end of the move. This agility allows it to maneuver swiftly and maintain its mobility in the face of obstacles.

Hop: The Jackalope can perform a Hop action, allowing it to move 4 inches with ease. During this move, it can also navigate over intervening obstacles and models, as long as bases do not overlap at the end of the move. This ability provides the Jackalope with exceptional mobility, allowing it to dart around the battlefield with agility.

Signature Move on a Rising Attack: The Jackalope's signature move is executed with precision during a rising attack. This maneuver allows it to strike from below, catching its opponents off guard and leaving them vulnerable to its powerful antlers. Its nimble and calculated strikes make its rising attack a formidable tool in its arsenal.

The Jackalope, with its fluffy fur, razor-sharp antlers, burrowing claws, agility, and signature rising attack, is a force to be reckoned with on the Moonstone battlefield. When you lead the Jackalope into battle, you're not just commanding a character; you're harnessing the unique abilities of this furry and formidable creature. Will you make the most of its piercing antlers, gather resources efficiently with its burrowing claws, and maneuver gracefully with its Hippity and Hop abilities? The choice is yours, and with the Jackalope, victory is a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Single large miniature made in fine quality resin.


  • 1 x Jackalope Miniature and Stat Card

This miniatures is multipart and requires Assembly.


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