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In the haunting and tumultuous realms of both the Outcasts and Resurrectionists, where allegiances are transient and the pursuit of survival is paramount, the "Tormented" keyword brings forth an assembly of figures who bear the weight of their past and the relentless torment that defines their existence. These individuals navigate a world where the line between life and death is blurred, carrying the scars of their history in every step they take.

At the forefront of this tormented assembly stands Jack Daw, a figure who epitomizes the Tormented keyword. Cursed and tortured by his own past, Jack Daw wields his chain in both defiance and despair. His presence is a chilling reminder that within the Outcasts' and Resurrectionists' domains, the boundaries between the living and the afterlife are twisted, and the echoes of torment resonate through every shadow.

Beside Jack Daw is Lady Ligeia, a figure whose connection to the Tormented keyword embodies both beauty and darkness. Her presence echoes with the pain of lost love and the haunting allure of the afterlife. Lady Ligeia navigates the enigmatic currents of the faction's worlds with an ethereal grace that defies the very nature of existence.

Complementing this pair is Montresor, a figure who embodies the spirit of both torment and loyalty. His loyalty to Jack Daw carries a weight that transcends the mortal realm, and his presence is a testament to the complex tapestry of emotions that define the Tormented keyword.

Three Guilty complete the ensemble, figures that bear the mark of their own transgressions. These tormented souls are caught in the relentless cycle of remorse, a reminder that the past never truly fades within the Outcasts' and Resurrectionists' realms.

Together, Jack Daw, Lady Ligeia, Montresor, and the Guilty paint a vivid portrait of the Tormented keyword within the intertwined dominions of the Outcasts and Resurrectionists. In their presence, the boundaries between life and death, guilt and redemption, blur into an intricate tapestry of existence. As you navigate the haunting landscapes of both factions, be prepared to encounter figures who embody the very essence of Torment – entities who carry the weight of their past and the haunting echoes of their own existence, leaving a trail of darkness and sorrow in their wake.


  • Jack Daw
  • Lady Ligeia
  • Montresor
  • 3 Guilty


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