Ivy Foliage - Yellow Maple - Small

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Step into the enchanting realm of miniature artistry with Ivy Foliage - Yellow Maple - Small, the latest addition to Green Stuff World's Ivy Foliage collection. These meticulously crafted miniature foliage sheets capture the delicate beauty of yellow maple leaves, allowing you to infuse your projects with the essence of nature's golden touch.

At Green Stuff World, we take pride in offering a diverse range of miniature basing materials, hobby leaves, and vegetation options tailored to your unique creative vision. Our Ivy Foliage - Yellow Maple - Small sheets showcase a variety of leaf shapes and sizes, all adorned with a vibrant yellow hue, enabling you to bring the authenticity of nature's golden splendor to your creations.

With our extensive range of products, your creative possibilities are boundless. Whether you're crafting miniature landscapes, designing intricate figure bases, or constructing captivating dioramas, our Ivy Foliage - Yellow Maple - Small sheets serve as your key to achieving a heightened level of realism and beauty in your projects.

Unleash your imagination with the limitless potential offered by our miniature foliage mats. Transform your creations, infuse them with the radiant charm of yellow maple leaves, and do so with the unmatched precision and quality that Green Stuff World is renowned for.

Application and assembly:

  • If you are going to dress a wall of a building with miniature vines it is much more convenient to use a cyanoacrylate glue and go gluing some of the branches to the surface.
  • If you are going to make a miniature tree, it is advisable to use PVA glue or Tuft Glue. As there are many qualities of white glue and it is much easier to loosen the weeds from them, we strongly recommend using Tuft Glue for these functions so that it has a long-term hold.

Recommended Scale: 1:72 - 1:87
Leaf Type: Maple
Color: Yellow
Content: 1x Realistic Ivy Foliage in 140x70mm


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