Ironjawz Orruk Brutes

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Orruk Brutes

Brutes are the largest and by far the most violent greenskins of the Mortal Realms (apart from Orruk Megabosses), and make up the bulk of the Orruks of the Iron Kief.

The Orruk Brutes are lumbering, lumbering creatures with furrowed foreheads and heavy armor who ignore the complexities of life. Your mind occupies only one thought - violence. Bigger and tougher than most warriors in the Mortal Realms, Brutes fill the warclans with a seemingly endless tide of green skin, angry roars, and small-minded aggression. After all, they like to say: if beating doesn't work, get more boyz to be beaten! Brutes seek out the largest enemies - or trees, or walls - they can find and set out with absolute determination to take down any enemy (or any object) that has the audacity to be taller than them, often doing so join dozens more raging. Brutes trample into battle in search of the largest monsters and most violent enemies to beat into submission. In fact, they are - true to the motto "Vaklopp dat big thing" - particularly effective when they take on such opponents.

Brutes—like the Ironkiefaz megabosses—often riveted directly to their tough, leathery hides wear crudely crafted armor made of pig iron, metal previously devoured and excreted by the boar-like creatures known as gruntas. - They are draped in war trophies, have massive jaws of metal or bone attached to their armor, and are typically armed with either two choppas or a two-handed Jagged Gore-hacka, cruelly barbed massive chopping swords, great axes, and halberd-like spears .


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