Ironjawz Orruk Ardboyz

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Orruk Ardboyz

Muscular, screaming brutes clad from head to toe in sculpted metal plates, the fact that they're the least formidable of the Ironjawz hordes doesn't stop Ardboys from rising above the humans they love to kill. While they can't boast the sheer tonnage of their Brute idols, they do a decent job of making up for it in their pugnacity. Kruleboyz like to make the comparison that Ardboys are the equivalent of grots among the Tronjawz tribes, although they are usually kept out of earshot lest they receive an outraged smack for their efforts. However, there is a grain of truth in the notion that the Ardboys are not Ironjawz in the truest sense of the word, but rather the toughest members of the Orruk clans from every realm drawn to the whirlwind of violence that is the Ironjawz warpath. They fight alongside other greenskins in an attempt to harness the power of the Waaagh! within themselves, growing larger in the process until they can join the ranks of the Brutes without being beaten to a pulp.

Ardboys have something of a chip on their well-armored shoulders when it comes to stature, and constantly seek out the best scraps so they can grow bigger and stronger - on a steady diet of conflict. They take war very seriously, and as a result are often seen as somewhat grumpy and lacking in humor by the other orruks. Most know from bitter experience that going into battle or monster hunting in twos or threes will have them superior, so they tend to band together in large mobs, clustering around tattered banners and totems during they march drums to the beat of leather hides, in imitation of a proper military unit. By mustering they can gather a common strength, but all these notions of discipline and good practice soon fade away once combat begins. As battle lines clash, the Ardboys yield to the primal, undeniable nature of their kind and tackle with just as much enthusiasm and dedication as the Brutes they idolize.

Since the devastation of the Necroquake, many Ironjawz Warclans have actively hunted down Ardboy mobs to bolster their numbers and replace those taken down by the living dead. For the Ardboys themselves, this is a sign that they've "made it" and they develop quite a swagger in response to their newfound status, developing the martial spirit of Gorkamorka on their own terms. Among the most notorious of these mobs are the Ironskulls Boyz, whose quest for dishonor took them to the depths of Shadespire after a raiding expedition went awry. They've found the endless fight to their liking ~ after all, even the Ardboys, for all their feigned discipline, can't resist the urge to settle down and get dirty in a proper fight.

This multi-part kit contains all the parts you need to build fifteen Arboys. They can be armed with a choppas and smashas, ??big choppas, or with choppas and shields. Supplied with fifteen Citadel 32mm Round bases.

These are the old Black Orcs in a new guise.


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