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Ironclad Dreadnought

The Ironclad Dreadnought is a specialized variant of the standard Imperial Casttraferrum Pattern Dreadnought Combat Walker used by the Orders of the Adeptus Astartes. Dreadnoughts are cybernetic walkers that house the mortal remains of a fallen Space Marine hero so that he may continue to fight for the Emperor and his Chapter, even after his body has been mortally crippled. Dreadnoughts are classified in a number of ways, the most common of which is simply by their armament.

Standard dreadnoughts come equipped with a long-range weapon like an assault cannon in place of one of their arms, and the other comes armed with a dreadnought melee weapon like an enlarged powerfist. The Ironclad Dreadnought variant was designed for heavy hand-to-hand combat and siege warfare, similar to the Siege Dreadnought, but the Ironclad Dreadnought is more commonly found in Space Marine armories.

Ironclad Dreadnoughts sacrifice versatility and firepower for even greater armor protection and powerful, dedicated siege weapons, and while they may not be as effective as the Siege Dreadnought in close-range street-to-street combat, they are more than worth it with their powerful melee weapons and extreme resilience.

The most heavily armored dreadnought in the Space Marines' arsenal, the Ironclad trades long-range weapons for thicker ceramic plates and devastating short-range weapons. Ironclad Dreadnoughts often lead attacks against heavily defended positions, their superior hulls able to withstand the firepower of a garrison fortress like it were just a summer rain.

The Ironclad Dreadnought variant is most commonly armed with powerful, specialized melee and siege weapons, typically a seismic hammer and a specialized dreadnought melee weapon. Unlike the Storm Drill carried by Siege Dreadnoughts, the Seismic Hammer does not drill through the walls of a heavily fortified position, instead pulverizing them into rubble. The Ironclad Dreadnought's dreadnought melee weapon is armed with a built-in storm bolter to engage enemy infantry that is too far away for close combat.

There are two variants of the seismic hammer used by Ironclad Dreadnoughts. The most common is a large, fist-like anchor that uses powerful hydraulics to extend outward with extreme force, shattering anything it comes in contact with. This pattern can be equipped with either a heavy flamethrower or a melta gun, and the weapon attaches under the seismic hammer itself.

The second pattern of seismic hammer, which is much less common, takes the form of a long metal case that holds the hydraulic cylinder inside. The case ends in an eagle's head-like shape. The ram moves outwards when fired and hits its target with extreme force.

This seismic hammer pattern can also be equipped with either a heavy flamer or a melta gun, but unlike its more common counterpart, this version of the seismic hammer has its ranged weapons installed in the bottom corner of the dreadnought's chassis.

The Ironclad Dreadnought can also replace the built-in Storm Bolter in its Dreadnought melee weapon with a Heavy Flamethrower. The Walker can have his entire Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon Arm replaced with a Hurricane Bolter, or his Seismic Hammer with a Dreadnought Chainfist. The Ironclad Dreadnought always comes equipped with a searchlight, smoke launchers and extra armor, but can also be equipped with up to two Hunter-Killer missile launchers and Ironclad Assault Launchers.

This box set contains one multi-part plastic Space Marines Ironclad Dreadnought. Buildable with all weapon options from Codex: Space Marines, this 58-piece set includes: a seismic hammer, a chain fist, a hurricane bolter, two flamethrowers, a storm bolter, a melta gun, and a dreadnought melee weapon. Also includes two different sarcophagus fronts, two hunter-killer missiles, smoke launchers, a searchlight and Ironclad attack launchers. The model comes with a 60mm round base.


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