Invisible Ink

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Malifaux models, renowned for their intricate detail and dynamic poses, are crafted in the 32mm 'heroic' scale from high-quality plastic. These miniatures, designed to bring your tabletop battles to life, belong to the Arcanists faction, a group characterized by their mastery of arcane arts and steampunk technology.

The Witness keyword identifies these particular models, hinting at their role in the unfolding narrative of the game. Included in this set are two captivating characters:

  • Leger de Main: A mysterious figure whose nimble fingers are adept at manipulating the threads of fate, Leger de Main brings a touch of enigma to the battlefield.

  • Marco Bonatti: A skilled artisan with a talent for alchemy, Marco Bonatti wields his knowledge of potions and elixirs to turn the tide of battle in favor of the Arcanists.

As with all Malifaux models, some preparation and assembly are required before they can take to the tabletop. However, once assembled, these miniatures will serve as powerful assets in your quest for victory, adding depth and strategy to your games of Malifaux.


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