Internal Investigation

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Step into the realm of precision and expertise with this formidable set, embodying the skill and determination of the Elite keyword. These figures unite to form a highly specialized force that excels in strategy and execution on the tabletop.

Leading the charge is Alain Reid, a master tactician whose leadership and experience set the tone for the Elite forces. His presence on the battlefield is a testament to his strategic acumen, reflecting his ability to command and coordinate.

These skilled operatives complement Alain's leadership with their own unique abilities. Their role in investigation and surveillance adds a layer of strategic depth to your gameplay, reflecting the Guild's focus on precision and information.

3 False Witnesses complete the set, representing the covert assets that the Elite keyword deploys for its advantage. With their ability to manipulate perception and gather information, these figures provide both utility and intrigue to your forces.

United under the Elite keyword, this ensemble captures the Guild's commitment to excellence and precision in the face of challenges. Whether it's through strategic command, investigative prowess, or covert manipulation, these figures embody the Guild's expertise. Embrace the power of precision, command with excellence, and lead your Elite forces with unwavering determination as you command this specialized faction to victory.


  • Alain Reid
  • Guild Investigator x2
  • False Witnesses x3


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