Inner Circle Companions

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Step into the shadows of secrecy and witness the enigmatic prowess of the Inner Circle Companions, an elite cadre of warriors shrouded in mystery even among the esteemed ranks of the Dark Angels. Operating with eerie silence and precision, these elite warriors carve a relentless path through the enemy's most formidable units, wielding their Calibanite greatswords with lethal proficiency and safeguarding their commanders with unwavering zeal and vengeful resolve.

Each miniature in this exceptional set presents the opportunity to construct one of two dynamic poses, allowing for diverse customization on the battlefield. With options for two distinct heads, two formidable Calibanite greatswords, and two versatile backpack topper configurations, every model embodies the unparalleled skill and determination characteristic of the Inner Circle Companions.

Furthermore, this set includes a comprehensive Dark Angels transfer sheet, boasting a staggering 348 decals. From intricate heraldry to symbols of honor and allegiance, these decals offer the means to adorn your miniatures with the iconic insignias of the Unforgiven, ensuring that they stand resolute and unmistakable amidst the swirling chaos of battle.

With the Inner Circle Companions at your command, your Dark Angels force gains an elite edge, ready to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies and uphold the legacy of the Lion with relentless precision and unwavering dedication.


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