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An Incubus (pl. Incubi) is a member of a Drukhari mercenary order, very similar to the Aspect Warriors of their Craftworld Aeldari counterparts, dedicated to the perfection of the deadly strike.

Their services are in high demand, whether as bodyguards or shock troops, and the Incubi will fight for anyone who can afford to buy their loyalty. Her obsession is mastery of the Klaive, a bladed melee weapon that becomes part of an Incubus, as well as its own murderous heart.

In combat, the Incubi wield these weapons with deadly precision, each blow severing limbs and shattering blades with contemptible ease.

The act of becoming an incubus is extremely dangerous; Through long and grueling practice, the strong thrive, while the weak are cut down and their bodies burned as an offering to the statue of Khaine, the Aeldari god of war, at the heart of each Incubus shrine.

The Incubi are a faceless warrior order, masters of the long-bladed weapon known as the klaive. Everything about a fully armored Incubus conveys menace. His armor is spiked with spikes and segments from head to toe, and his ornate helm is framed by two large, razor-sharp horns, giving him an almost demonic appearance.

Incubi possess a sinuous and sinister grace, and their every move sings with their barely suppressed potential for violence. Every waking moment is dedicated to the absolute perfection of her craft - killing as often and as savagely as possible with her ritual weapon.

Incubi are trained in the use of many different weapons unique to their warrior sect. Almost all Incubi prefer a large two-handed power sword, which they call a klaive. A clave is a masterpiece of balance and form; the Incubi consider Klaives the only true weapon.

However, some Incubus shrines favor the use of a Punisher, a two-handed energy weapon similar to a halberd and crafted to help the wielder swing, effectively increasing the power and range of their attacks.

All Incubi are equipped with an extremely durable armor called the Incubus Warsuit. The Incubi jealously keep the processes of crafting and repairing such armor to themselves, and are therefore the only ones who wear it.

This kit is supplied in 68 plastic components, and is supplied with 5 Citadel 28.5mm Round Bases and one 25mm Round Base. It builds either 5 Incubi or 4 Incubi and a Klaivex. The Klaivex can be assembled with either a pair of connected demi-claives or separate demi-claives and also has a choice of two heads. The kit also includes a one-piece Drukari symbol that can optionally be used as a target marker.


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