Inaka: Misayama Village

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"You can practically smell the fresh mountain air and hear the wind rustling the reeds"

Nestled amidst the serene mountains, behold the Inaka: Misayama Village—a haven of tranquility and charm. This idyllic little village captures the essence of a peaceful rural community, where homes, stables, and the essential food store stand as testament to a harmonious way of life.

Immerse yourself in the richly detailed world of Misayama Village, where every structure is meticulously crafted to perfection. The kit not only offers exquisite exteriors but also unveils fully playable interiors, allowing you to explore the nooks and crannies of each building. With removable roofs and working doors, you can delve deep into the heart of this village, creating immersive scenarios and breathing life into your gaming experiences.

Whether your aim is to construct a playable piece of terrain for gripping tabletop encounters or to create a captivating diorama that tells a story of its own, the Inaka: Misayama Village kit provides the perfect foundation. Build your village from the ground up, infusing it with character and authenticity, and watch as it becomes the focal point of your gaming adventures.

Every structure within Misayama Village is designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each element seamlessly complements the others. Whether you're navigating the winding streets, exploring the cozy interiors of the homes, or tending to the needs of the village's livestock in the stables, every aspect contributes to the immersive experience.

With the Inaka: Misayama Village kit, you have the power to create a captivating world that draws players in, evoking a sense of peace, serenity, and community. Whether you seek thrilling encounters or yearn to tell tales of everyday life in this quaint mountain village, this versatile kit provides the foundation upon which you can build your own narrative. Embrace the beauty and functionality of Misayama Village as it becomes the centerpiece of your tabletop adventures and showcases the timeless allure of a peaceful haven nestled in the mountains.

The Inaka: Misayama Village kit is made from 3mm MDF. It is a great scenery kit to use in Fantasy skirmish games, will work perfectly with 28-32mm games and miniatures and look great on an eastern inspired rural game board.

Model supplied unpainted and requires assembly. We advise using PVA glue for the best results. Some kits may need filing for a perfect fit - always dry fit your models first for best results.


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