Imperial Guard Power Fists

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Introducing the Imperial Guard Power Fists – harnessed through the same power-driven principles as their counterparts, these gauntleted weapons are a testament to amplified strength. Yet, the boon of augmented might is balanced by a cost – diminished mobility and speed. Those who wield the Power Fist must be resolute in their readiness to weather damage before unleashing their devastating blows.

In the expansive realm of 28mm scale wargames, these gauntlets of power carve their niche, standing as a symbol of sacrifice and supremacy. This set arrives in a pristine state, a canvas awaiting the touch of seasoned modelers to bring its potential to life. Forged from the zenith of resin craftsmanship, each piece carries the weight of intricate detailing and unwavering durability.

But heed this as an ode to the seasoned modeler's craft, an invitation to your skill. The assembly process might demand the art of trimming, the precision of bending, and the touch of an experienced hand. Before embarking on this transformation, a ritual of purification is suggested – a cleansing of the resin components in a bath of tap water infused with mild detergent.

When the moment arrives to unite form and function, call upon the prowess of Kromlech Superglue or kindred cyanoacrylate adhesives.

Remember, the Imperial Guard Power Fists bestow amplified strength, but their weighty potency demands sacrifice in return. They are the emblem of unwavering might and sacrifice, and now, it's your honor to wield this symbol of power on the wargaming battlefield.

This set contains:

  • six Imperial Guard Power Fists - three left ones and three right ones. There're three different designs of Fists.

Supplied unpainted.


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