Imperial Guard Las Pistols

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Introducing the Imperial Guard Las Pistols – the condensed embodiment of Laser Rifles. While not the pinnacle of lethality, these pistols find their strength in pragmatic economics, making them a commonplace selection for those of more modest Imperial Commanders.

In the grand expanse of 28mm scale wargames, these compact weapons carve their niche, serving as a symbol of practicality and accessibility. This set arrives untouched by paint, inviting the artistry of adept modelers to breathe life into its form. Forged from the zenith of resin craftsmanship, each piece radiates the finesse of intricate detailing and enduring sturdiness.

However, regard this as an invitation to the realm of the seasoned modeler, an ode to your expertise. Assembling these miniature marvels might beckon the finesse of trimming, the craftsmanship of bending, and the precision of a practiced hand. Before embarking on this transformation, a ritual of purification is recommended – cleanse the resin components with a gentle bath of tap water infused with mild detergent.

When the hour strikes to bridge form and function, enlist the aid of Kromlech Superglue or kindred cyanoacrylate adhesives.

Recall, the Imperial Guard Las Pistols may not boast the pinnacle of firepower, but they embody a realm of practicality and utility. They're a choice for commanders who value effectiveness over extravagance, and now, it's your honor to wield this emblem of pragmatism on the wargaming battleground.

This set contains:

  • six Imperial Guard Las Pistols - three left ones and three right ones. Each with an arm, letting you equip it to your miniature.

Supplied unpainted.


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