Ikadron Batroids and Imetron

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Presenting the Ikadron Batroids and Imetron, formidable carbon-silicon hybrids born from accelerated growth farms. These extraordinary beings find their origins in the ancient Ruaria, legendary companions of the Ur civilization for countless generations. They possess the remarkable ability to function autonomously as remotes or seamlessly link with their operators through quantronic neural connections.

The sheer power and versatility of the Ikadron quickly became evident, placing them at the forefront of numerous assaults. They have rightfully earned their place as the backbone of many formidable Combined Army formations, embodying the epitome of strength and resilience.

Within this blister pack, you will discover two finely crafted metal miniatures, each representing the awe-inspiring presence of the Ikadron and Imetron. These intricately detailed models stand ready for action, their ferocity and fearlessness palpable. Please note that the miniatures are supplied unpainted, allowing you the freedom to imbue them with your unique artistic vision. Assembly may also be required, adding a personal touch to your collection.

Unleash the power of the Ikadron Batroids and Imetron as they take their rightful place in your Combined Army forces. Witness their indomitable spirit and relentless drive as they pave the way for victory. Whether you seek to expand your ranks or enhance the might of your existing units, these metal miniatures will serve as a formidable addition to your collection. Prepare for battles of epic proportions as you command the Ikadron and Imetron to conquer the opposition, securing your dominance on the field of battle.

  • This blister contains 2 metal miniatures.
  • These models are supplied unpainted, and assembly may also be required.


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