Ignis Art - Luna the Moth Fairy

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Welcome to the fascinating world of Ignis Art, where imagination and creativity collide to bring extraordinary works of art to life. Today we proudly present to you "Luna the Moth Fairy" - an enchanting creation that embodies the beauty and grace of a moon fairy.

Luna is a Moth Fairy inspired by the mysterious creatures of the night. Her delicate wings are like a shimmering moonbeam, piercing the darkness and casting a soft glow in the night sky. Every brushstroke that brought them to life was done with a passion and dedication that can be felt in every detail.

Her eyes are windows to the soul and shine with a deep wisdom and tranquility. Luna embodies the magic of the night, reminding us that even in the darkest hours there is a glow of hope and wonder. Her presence invites us to be enchanted by the beauty of nature and the mystique of the moon.

Ignis Art has created Luna with amazing precision and attention to detail. Every aspect of her appearance has been carefully thought out, from the subtle shading of her wings to the delicate embellishments of her robe. Luna's masterful use of color and texture will make her a true gem in your art Collection.

Luna the Moth Fairy is not just a work of art, but an invitation to unleash your own imagination. Look at her and let her elegance and grace inspire you to spin your own tales and find your artistic expression. Let the magic of the night shine in your heart and let Luna accompany you on a journey of dreams and discovery.

Ignis Art is proud to present Luna the Moth Fairy to the world. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of creativity and be enchanted by Ignis Art's unique works of art. Discover the magic that lies in every brushstroke and find in the stories and images a source of inspiration and joy. Ignis Art - where art comes to life.

This product comes unassembled and unpainted. It is not a toy.

Scale: 75mm

  • Painted by: Natalia Oracz
  • Sculpture: Daniele Danko Angelozzi
  • Manufacturer: Warhog
  • Brand: Ignis Art


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