Idoneth Akhelian Ishlaen Guard

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Akhelian Ishlaen Guard

The Ishlaen Guard dispenses with the Volt Spear in favor of a curved sword known as the Helsabre. These elegant serrated blades are light enough to allow the wielder to unleash a series of strikes before disengaging from combat, and like the Volt Javelins of their Morrsarr counterparts, they can harness the Fangmora's bioelectricity. However, instead of using this power offensively, the Ishlaen channel it into their Galvshields, where it manifests as an arcing energy field that helps deflect enemy strikes. As a result, the Ishlaen are better at deflecting rocket fire and have greater staying power in prolonged battles than their spear-wielding kin.

Akhelian Guard, both Morrsarr and Ishlaen, are usually led in battle by a Lochian Prince. These individuals are seasoned soul stealers who have demonstrated leadership qualities and are clear candidates for kingship in the eyes of the military council.

Among the Idoneth enclaves are some formations of the Akhelian Guard that have achieved legendary status. The Fuethán Redblades are notorious for depopulating parts of the shores of Aqshy with their wanton slaughter. They are also among the few who dare to ride the diamondback redfin fangmora, a race so ferocious that their feeding attacks are considered more dangerous than even Allopexes. It is rumored that the Briomdar Slitherguard can appear out of nowhere while the Mor'phann Chillhearts ride Ghost Fangmoras that mingle with the Mists. None, however, is more famous than the Lasroch army of Dhom-hain, whose speed and skill in hit-and-run attacks are unmatched.


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