IJN Submarines & MTB Sections

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Submarines: The Kaidai-7 class or KD-7 was developed in the late 1930s as a successor to the previous KD-6 class. With a surface range of 8,000 nautical miles at 16 knots and underwater endurance of 50 nautical miles at 5 knots, they possessed slightly better underwater performance than the newer KD-6 models and better surface speed (though no range) than the earlier members of this class. All members of the class were lost in mid-1944. Another ocean-going submersible with 533 mm fore and aft torpedo tubes, used in the South Pacific and in the waters off Australia. I-177 sank the hospital ship AHS Centaur off Stradbroke Island. It was believed to have been lost with all hands on November 18, 1944, while I-176 was lost to the Solomon's six months earlier. A total of 10 KD-7 submarines were built.

MTBs: Designed as a suicide bomber, the shin'yo carried either a powerful explosive or two depth charges. The depth charges were to be placed by the boat's pilot, after which he would then flee. Although nearly 10,000 were built, they sank only 5 ships, mostly landing craft.

The Imperial Japanese Navy deployed a number of variants of a standard torpedo boat design, differing mainly in engine customization, which affected displacement and gave the illusion of more variety than existed in practice. Within these designations, 238 boats were built, all armed with two 18-inch torpedoes and 25mm or 13.2mm guns.

box contains:

  • Kaidai-7 class submarines x 3
  • Shin'yo Kamikaze Boat Sections x 2
  • T-14 MTB Sections x2
  • ship cards


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