Hydra Flak Tank

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Imperial Army Hydra FLAK Tank

The Hydra anti-aircraft vehicle, also known simply as the Hydra, is the Astra Militarum's primary mobile anti-aircraft gun. It is crafted on hundreds of forge worlds across the Empire and is widely used in almost every regiment. The Hydra, like many other Imperial military vehicles, is based on the Chimera armored personnel carrier chassis and is armed with a set of twin-linked Hydra autocannons. Hydra autocannons are a set of long-barreled autocannons mounted on a turret with sophisticated tracking and targeting equipment.

The Hydra is used to defend key ground units such as Imperial Guard artillery batteries and armored columns from enemy air attacks. Non-mobile units or structures are typically defended by a hydra platform, a stationary version of the hydra autocannon, while the hydra itself is generally deployed with mobile units. The Hydra's powerful guns are capable of quickly reducing enemy aircraft to smoking debris, but they can also be aimed at the ground to engage enemy infantry and lightly armored vehicles when circumstances call for it. The Hydra's autocannons are so effective at destroying enemy infantry that Imperial commanders often overlook this breach of the rule, and some regiments use their Hydras as frontline vehicles when the threat of an air attack is reduced or eliminated. Hydra tanks are usually kept in their own company within a regiment, but are rarely deployed together in company formations, instead being assigned to other companies in need of air defense.

From lightning-fast Xenos fighters to demonic, leather-winged monstrosities, the Hydra Flak Tank is ideally equipped to blast enemies from the skies. The Hydra's prescient, logical mind seeks and locks in its targets with the tenacity of a predator. Autoloaders attack with a rising howl as the Hydra's turret pivots, its quad autocannon howling as it fills the air with sawing lines of firepower. Few enemies in the air, no matter how humbled or unnatural, can long survive once caught in the Hydra's sights.

Although the Hydra has enough armor to withstand a fair amount of punishment, it is intended primarily as a support vehicle rather than a mainline main battle tank. Still, the Hydra is anything but defenseless. Its torso can be equipped with a variety of weapons, and its autocannon can be tilted down to slaughter downed enemies when needed. However, the Hydra's machine spirit only hungers for prey in the air, its tracking servos refusing to track the lumbering paths of enemies that can't fly, meaning it has to be manually aimed and is therefore less accurate when targeting enemies aim at the ground. Company commanders must therefore ensure that they have dispatched enough infantry or tanks to protect their hydra batteries from direct attacks. With enough escort, the Hydras can stay safe from harm while focusing on keeping the skies clear.

For most Imperial Guardsmen, whether artillery crews, tankers or marching infantry, the screeching approach of enemy aircraft is a sound that inspires absolute fear. When the black shadow of monstrous wings falls over them, the men of the Guard have little defense but prayer. This is how the hydra has earned the reputation of being a lucky charm. With nicknames ranging from "steel saviors" to the more colloquial "bug-zappers," Hydras are regarded with comradely affection by most soldiers in the Astra Militarum. A common tradition among the men of many regiments is to smack their knuckles against the body of a hydra before combat; This so-called "angel tapping" is performed in solemn silence and is intended to draw the vigilance of the Hydra's machine spirit in the coming battle. Sharing the popularity of their vehicles, Hydra crews enjoy near-hero status among their comrades and a seat at the campfire of every squad. Some Hydra crew members revel in the respect for their comrades and the adrenaline rush of duty, while others find the weight of responsibility uncomfortable, but few are foolish enough to believe that the camaraderie of their comrades is not tainted with self-interest.

The Hydra is armed with a turret-mounted set of twin-linked Hydra autocannons, long-barreled autocannons that fire explosive anti-aircraft missiles at an extremely high rate of fire. The Hydra's gunner and loader are positioned in the vehicle's turret and work together to keep the weapon's automatic loading mechanism and complex aiming systems operational. The vehicle is also armed with a single hull-mounted heavy bolter that can be used against enemy infantry that gets too close, or swapped out for a heavy flamer for the same purpose. The tank can also be outfitted with camouflage netting, additional armor, a Hunter-Killer missile launcher, a minesweeper, upgraded communications equipment, a pivot-mounted heavy stubber or storm bolter, modifications for rough terrain, a searchlight, track guards, and more smoke launchers.

Even a single Hydra can unleash a storm of flak and knock enemy planes out of the sky with a diamond fist. When several of these vehicles power up and open fire, the devastation inflicted on airborne enemies is spectacular. Monstrous xenos wings turn to shreds of flesh, the hulking flight bags of demonic drones burst under the weight of penetrating fire, and even heavily armored assault ships turn to perforated junk as their fuel tanks and internal magazines explode.

This plastic kit can be assembled as either a Hydra or a Wyvern with 2 crew members: a gunner and a spotter, and has the option to equip a heavy bolter or a heavy flamethrower.

This kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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