Hurakan Spirit of the Wind

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Wind Spirits are elemental spirits of the Hyshian winds and storms. They have a fierce spirit and are named by the elves who want to predict where they will rampage next. Some, longing to defend their homeland from the beings who would plunder them, join the Hurakan and the armies of the Lumineth Realm Lords.

At their core, Hyshian wind wraiths are erratic forces that lash across the landscape and hate being held in one place for too long. Before the Age of Chaos, most Spirits of the Wind were warm-hearted, playful, and moody, but most have since become resentful and savage -- some becoming actively violent and cruel, smashing cities in their path.

The natural state of the spirits of the wind is invisible and ephemeral, and they are given a coherent form by sacred masks kept in Hurakan temples. When Spirits of the Wind take physical form, they mirror that of the lithe Horned Fox.

Spirits of the Wind are always surrounded by a whirling whirlpool of Hyshian magic, sweeping away all who stand in its way and throwing them to the earth. The manner in which Spirits of the Wind fight depends largely on each individual Spirit's preferred style; those with a more mischievous temperament can twist helms or whip cloaks of the proud so they cannot see only to strangle and blind them, others with a more sadistic mindset will suffocate their enemies by suffocating their lungs while others simply stab them to the ground or blades of their comrades.

Spirits of the Wind are armed with massive greatbows, with arrows the size of spear shafts. The spirits are so fast that they can deliver deadly blows into enemy lines, knocking them aside like rag dolls.


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