Humber MK II/IV

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Prepare to venture into the annals of history with the British and Commonwealth forces as they deploy their formidable reconnaissance element, scouring the terrain ahead of the main armored force in search of enemy positions and dispositions. Among their ranks, the renowned Humber Armoured Car stood as a stalwart sentinel, capable of holding its ground against light vehicles and infantry alike. From the sun-scorched deserts of Africa to the sprawling streets and fields of Europe, the Humber Armoured Car spearheaded the relentless Allied advance.

Replacing its predecessor, the aging Humber Light Reconnaissance Car, the newly designed Humber Armoured Car swiftly cemented its status as a cornerstone of the Commonwealth forces, particularly during the arduous North African desert campaign. Initially armed with a formidable combination of one 15mm and one 7.92mm Besa machine gun, its later variant, the Mk IV, made way for an even deadlier arsenal. Equipped with a US M5 or M6 37mm anti-tank gun, it became a force to be reckoned with. Such was its success that the Humber Armoured Car valiantly served throughout the war, leaving an indelible mark on the battlefields of North West Europe and Burma.

Within this extraordinary set, you will find a meticulously crafted plastic Humber Armoured Car model, accompanied by Bolt Action Order dice, a Bolt Action stat card, vehicle damage markers, an assembly booklet, and a full-color waterslide decal sheet for British, Commonwealth, and Polish vehicles. Immerse yourself in the intricacies of historical accuracy as you witness the Humber Armoured Car take center stage, commanding respect and admiration.

Embrace the spirit of valor as you reenact pivotal moments in history on the tabletop. Guide the Humber Armoured Car through the trials and tribulations of war, and etch your own legacy alongside the heroic British and Commonwealth Forces.


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