House Long Shadow Themed Warband

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Within the clandestine world of the Shadow Clans, notorious for their covert activities that would haunt the conscience of lesser individuals, The House of the Long Shadow remains an enigma. They specialize in the dark arts of subterfuge and clandestine operations, their actions shrouded in secrecy and their motives known to only a select few.

Before embarking on any mission or battle, The Long Shadow meticulously prepares, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of information. They study the terrain, analyze enemy tactics, and delve deep into the intricacies of their target's fighting techniques and swordsmanship. This comprehensive knowledge serves as the foundation upon which they build their strategies, ensuring that they are always one step ahead of their adversaries.

While all Ninjas possess abilities that defy the capabilities of ordinary mortals, The Long Shadow takes these supernatural talents to an entirely new level. Rumors abound of their mastery over teleportation, allowing them to traverse great distances in the blink of an eye. They are said to possess the power of invisibility, rendering them unseen and elusive to their enemies. Some even claim that they can harness the very shadows themselves, using them as conduits for attacks that strike from the depths of darkness, leaving their foes bewildered and terrified.

In the world of the Shadow Clans, where deception and stealth reign supreme, The House of the Long Shadow stands out as an enigmatic force to be reckoned with. Their unmatched expertise in subterfuge, combined with their rumored supernatural abilities, ensures that they remain a formidable and mysterious presence, ready to carry out their clandestine operations with deadly precision.

Box contains seven 32mm scale fine detail resin miniatures, bases and eighteen full colour Cards.


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