Hoshi Odamu

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Introducing the Unyielding Blade: Odamu, the Resolute Samurai

For players seeking the pinnacle of steel-wielding prowess, Odamu emerges as an exceptional addition to your ranks. This formidable samurai presents a challenge on the field, boasting a substantial number of Wound Boxes and an impressive Armor rating of 4. Dare to face him, and would-be aggressors shall face dire consequences, for Odamu wields the power of Held, a relentless ability that restrains foes, leaving them vulnerable and unable to strike freely. Adding to his formidable presence, Odamu often inflicts the debilitating Slow condition, further hampering his adversaries' movements and turning their aggression into a futile endeavor.

Yet, it is the intricacies of Odamu's abilities that truly make him a captivating force. When wounded, he retaliates with remarkable resilience. With Armor (4) shielding him from harm and the ubiquitous Just a Scratch card in his arsenal, Odamu turns his wounds into opportunities for counterattack. It is not uncommon for his opponents to find themselves on the receiving end of more damage than they inflict, as his iron will and unyielding resolve fuel his offensive prowess.

Prepare to witness the indomitable spirit of Odamu, the resolute samurai. Embrace his unrelenting strength, exploit the tactical advantages he brings to your battles, and marvel as he turns adversity into triumph. But be warned, facing Odamu is a test of skill and perseverance, as his blade strikes true and his resolve remains unshakable. Will you rise to the challenge and harness the power of the Unyielding Blade?


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