Horus Heresy Core Rulebook

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Content of the book:

This 336-page hardcover book is a treasure trove of lore, illustrations and background information for the distant future of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy, with comprehensive instructions to help you build and paint your collection of models. It also includes the basic rules for recreating the savage conflicts of the Age of Darkness with your own armies, and an explanation of various game modes suitable for any hobbyist.

Age of Darkness

The book begins with a full exploration of the galaxy where the wars of the Horus Heresy are waged - from their dark past to their brightest climax - and the technologies, factions, armies and ideals that ruled them.

  • The Age of the Emperor: An overview of the decline of mankind and the rise of the Empire. You'll learn about the Age of Strife that gave rise to the Emperor, the Great Crusade he launched to unite the galaxy under his banner, and some of the key groups he founded or allied with in order to do so to support epic companies.
  • The Empire of Man: A closer look at the structure of the Empire at the dawn of the Horus Heresy. You will learn about some of the most important events, people and groups that shaped the fate of mankind. This section also explains the importance of the warp, the psykers, and Imperial Truth - the strict, rationalistic philosophy the Emperor imposed on his conquests.
  • The Legiones Astartes: The Space Marines are far more than just an army. They are genetically engineered, equipped with the finest equipment, and psycho-indoctrinated in a rigorous and brutal process that creates ideal weapons of war. This extensive, in-depth section explains what goes into creating a Space Marine, illustrates the different types of weapons and power armor used by the Legions, and provides a specific look at each of the 18 Space Marine Legions, including information on their distinctive features History, tactics, organization and the powerful Primarchs who led them - as well as a visual guide to their heraldry and color schemes.
  • Additional Factions: Although primarily a war between the Legiones Astartes, many other armies are involved in the Horus Heresy, including the Talons of the Emperor, the Solar Auxilia and Mechanicum. This section explains the roles these groups played in the Empire - and its downfall - including their history, preferred tactics, and military structures.
  • An Age of Darkness: At the dawn of the 31st millennium, the Emperor's favorite son plunged the galaxy into darkness. This section deals with the opening acts of the Horus Heresy and sets the stage for the most devastating war in human history. It contains a synopsis of the brutal events of the Isstvan Drop Site Massacre, the advances of the Traitor war machine, and the emergence of the cosmic ruin storm from which demonic entities spill into reality.
  • Key Events of the Horus Heresy: A detailed timeline of the major conflicts and engagements within the Horus Heresy itself leading up to the final siege of Terra. This section provides crucial insight into where the legions are, who they are fighting, and what terrible grudges arise at different stages of the war.

Play the game

You will then learn how to play Warhammer: the Horus Heresy on the table, with all the basic rules you need to take full advantage of the additions.

  • Basic Rules: You will learn the general principles of the game, its turns and phases, how to command your units, measure distances, shoot at enemies and charge in melee combat. You'll also learn about reactions, which allow each player to react to unfolding events even when it's not their turn.
  • Unit Types: The Age of Darkness is ruled by mighty heroes and fearsome war machines. This section explains how to use different unit types such as characters, vehicles, and automatons, as well as the unnatural psychic powers that can be used in combat.
  • Terrain: The galaxy is littered with exotic and dangerous battlefields. This section contains rules for using different types of terrain on your playing field, including barricades, jungles, and ruins, as well as for claiming fortifications and using a variety of buildings.
  • Special Rules: The battles of the Horus Heresy involve a wide variety of soldiers and equipment, each with their own unique qualities. This section provides a centralized list of all universal special rules governing various units and weapons, from cunning scouts to explosive blast weapons.

Play in the Age of Darkness

This final section provides an overview of the Warhammer: The Horus Heresy hobby, whether it's making games or building your own army.

  • Showcase: The book includes a photographic showcase of seven stunning Legiones Astartes armies by various hobbyists, including commentary on how they decided to collect, build and paint this faction. It also features four battlefield showcases showing how to cinematically recreate the locations of the Age of Darkness.
  • Game Modes: Different hobbyists enjoy different types of gameplay. This section breaks down the different ways to play your games, including the broad categories of narrative play, matched play, and open play, as well as campaigns and even team games.
  • Preparing for Battle: This section explains how to start (and end) a game, including troop organization charts for assembling your army list, a guide to setting up your table and setting up your armies, a variety of victory conditions, and six missions and six mission cards to use Combine for standard games.
  • Reference & Index: The book concludes with a reference section with quick and easy rule summaries to keep your games running smoothly, and a lengthy index that makes looking up specific rules much easier.


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