Horrors of Tzeentch

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"What is time but a foolish barrier that mortals erect as a shield against the unknown? What is flesh but a binding garment worn by mortals to contain their true essence? I can teach you the true secrets of the warp, little mortal. The only price is that you let me..."

        — A bound terror of Tzeentch in the service of the Cult of Nine Eyes

Describing a demonic terror is all but impossible, for they are pure, unbound chaos given erratic and energetic form by the will of Tzeentch. The lesser demons called Horrors are often used as demonic slaves by the larger demons called Lords of Change.

They have no static material bodies that sometimes take on a recognizable shape, sometimes blur into a frenetic mass of color as they run and scramble across the battlefield. Nonetheless, horrors can be said to have two distinct states defined by the color they present to the naked eye - the pink horror and the blue horror.

Lesser Demons of Tzeentch are literally manifested through magic. Pink Horrors, as they're known, teem in happy, colorful mobs that frolic and twirl, cackling maniacally at their own incomprehensible jokes as they blur and cartwheel across the battlefield.

As bright bolts of raw sorcery leap from their outstretched fingers, the Pink Horrors are filled with heightened glee and screeches of laughter, complemented by many 'oohs' and 'ahhs' of glee as the magical light show screams overhead. These energies have a tendency to engulf the Pink Horrors' enemies in searing mutation conflagrations, much to the delight of the demons themselves.

The Tzeentch's little demon's primary weapon isn't its clawing claws or the gaping, fanged maw that sits within its rubbery torso, though one bitten or clawed by a horror is forever changed by the experience.

Instead, it's raw warp energy coursing through the creature's veins. With a cackling word or a babbled sentence, the horror throws balls of colorful flames at the enemy.

Where these strike, they not only burn, but bring about the most unsettling and peculiar transformations, turning enemies into statues of screaming glass, into clouds of butterflies with tormented human faces, into the sounds of mad music, whimpering infants, or horrifying mounds of tentacled flesh.

Only Tzeentch can know what strange fate awaits those kissed by Warpfire; Even the horrors themselves are unaware of this, and take great joy in any mind-shattering change when wrought.

The only known way to end a Pink Horror's jubilant mood is to blast it to pieces or otherwise cut it up. Then the Pink Horror undergoes a total transformation and splits into halves that reshape into smaller copies of the original. These new daemons differ from their predecessors in two ways.

The first is that their color changes from pink to bright blue, earning them the name Blue Horrors. The second change is that the Pink Horrors' cheery attitude is reversed – Blue Horrors are grumpy, whining, and petty, forever arguing about whose fault it was that they lost their pink status again.

Wretched and sullen to the point of aggression, these surrogate forms will rush after those who have ruined their day, stabbing and choking until they kill those daring enough to have killed them first.

Should a Blue Horror be killed before it can retaliate, it will again split into two tiny Brimstone Horrors, glowing yellow manifestations of pure malice and bitterness bent only on burning their foes into scattering ashes.

Blue Horrors are tiny replicas of their parent Daemon, although their temperament is quite different. Morose and vicious, like ill-tempered children, they scowl constantly as they make their way through battle, sneering and grumbling.

Once spawned, Blue Horrors quickly rejoin their companions, adding a deeper wailing note to the group's incessant chuckle as they attempt to engage with enemies and squeeze the life out of them.

This multi-part plastic kit contains the parts necessary to assemble 10 pairs of Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch. Tiny creatures of pure malice, frolicking on their bases as one would expect from ones made of fire. Also included are the parts you need to build 10 Blue Horrors of Tzeentch. Eyes full of anger and large mouths full of teeth, some pose with outstretched claws ready to hack at their foe, others wield magical flames that dance around their fingertips. They are covered in decorations, jewelry, and feathers, and also contain flames for their bases.

This kit comes as 40 components, and is supplied with 20 Citadel 25mm Round bases.


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