Honourable Eclipse Company Battlefleet Set

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Tales of the Honourable Eclipse Company, or HEC, had become legendary within the military forces of the Union of Federated States in recent years. As a predominantly aerial force, the HEC wielded significant influence in land battles, naval conflicts, and particularly air-based assaults. However, opinions about them within the ranks were far from uniform.

For some, the arrival of the HEC was a welcome reinforcement, often arriving just in the nick of time to save the day. Their presence could turn the tide of battle, and their expertise in aerial warfare was highly valued.

Conversely, others viewed the HEC as a logistical complication. Traditional strategists struggled to incorporate their autonomous operations into larger military campaigns while preserving the creative execution of their orders. This friction between old and new tactics sometimes created challenges on the battlefield.

Then, there were those who harbored resentment towards the apparently "honourable" mercenaries. These were the soldiers who had experienced what happened when the paycheck ran out. They had witnessed the HEC withdrawing from battle without warning once their contract ended, leaving their former comrades in a precarious situation. The bitterness and frustration of those left behind were palpable, and they held no fondness for the HEC.

Fortunately for the Honourable Eclipse Company, instances of surviving soldiers with grievances were rare, and few lived to spread word of their experiences. The HEC's adept press offices worked diligently to maintain their reputation, portraying them as heroic and honorable mercenaries in the eyes of the public and military alike.

In the complex world of military alliances and mercenaries, the Honourable Eclipse Company had become both a beacon of hope and a source of frustration, their actions and influence casting a long shadow on the Union of Federated States and its military endeavors.


  • 1x Custodian (may also be built as Excelsior or Venture Class)
  • 3x Steward (may also be built as Constellation, Republic, Ticonderoga or Ranger Class)
  • 5x Bogota Carryalls
  • 5x SRS Tokens

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


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