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Size selection - choose from over 20,000 products.

Kutami is your tabletop shop with a huge selection. In our ever-growing range of currently over 20,000 items, you will find popular tabletop systems, great hobby products and inspiration for your base design in no time at all. Embellish your miniatures with different basing material, tabletop bases and effect colors in the best quality and great variety. We have many tabletops at unbeatable prices, the big brands and all new items. We offer you a permanent hammer discount of up to 20% on most Games Workshop plastic miniatures, as well as almost all other tabletop systems.

Easy payment - pay how you like it.

Even paying for your purchase is quick and easy with us. You have the choice and always pay for your tabletop items, board games and all other items securely with your favorite payment method: Whether online with PayPal (direct debit, purchase on account, financing, credit card (Visa, MasterCard)), by prepayment or conveniently by cash on delivery and you pay in cash upon receipt.

Safe – buy tabletops relaxed.

You can shop safely at any time of the day or night in our tabletop shop for wargames, board games and hobby accessories. We never close and you can browse us 24/7. Discover new tabletop systems and trends with us around the clock, be there every Saturday from 11 a.m. when Games Workshop present their innovations. We are there when you have time and desire to browse. A right of return of 14 days after receipt for all items, board games, tabletops, colors and much more eliminates even the last doubts. If you still have unanswered questions before your purchase, our support scores points: We are one of the shops in Germany with the highest customer satisfaction.
Simple - everything from a single source.

You are looking for something, we have determined it. In our assortment you will find everything you need to start your hobby or add the last exotic parts to your collection. With our large variety of systems, miniatures and color and hobby providers, you can live out any of your ideas. Winter bases for your chaos army, swamp bases for your orcs, mud mud and water effects for your Idoneth, or pre-modeled sci-fi bases for your Infinity miniatures, we can offer you everything and the best, all at a great price.

Unbeatable – service, price and availability.

Our service will answer you within 24 hours, often much faster. The "Du" is very important to us, we are all united in the hobby and share the same passion for playing tabletop. This is how we quickly and amicably find a quick and accommodating solution for every problem.

Since 2011 we have been offering the lowest prices in Germany with the highest availability of goods. We try to keep our warehouse well stocked at all times, so that no order takes longer than necessary to get to you. We can often ship your package on the same day. Speaking of which, we ship almost every day, from Monday to Saturday, our Lagergrotz diligently pack every order.

For everyone - tabletop and board games for everyone

We offer you, your friends and your family the right board game and tabletop for every taste, you want to start small or you are a hobby veteran, then we have the right one for you. We can also offer suitable entry-level systems for non-hobbyists, with little depth and a lot of action, just right to discover the flair and fun of playing tabletop :).

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