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In the annals of cinema history, few films have achieved the unique blend of 'war' and 'comedy' as successfully as MGM's 1970 classic, 'Kelly's Heroes.' However, the journey of this iconic movie from its initial concept as 'The Warriors' to its final release was marked by a significant transformation. This metamorphosis included the excision of entire scenes and characters and the introduction of extended action sequences.

Numerous cast and crew members voiced their reservations about these changes, which altered a grittier war movie filled with depth of character and an integral romantic subplot into an action-packed farcical comedy. Despite the dissent, 'Kelly's Heroes' has garnered a dedicated cult following nearly five decades later, and its treasure trove of endlessly quotable lines attests to the fact that the final cut struck the perfect balance.

Our inspiration draws from multiple sources: the movie's final cut, Burt Hirschfeld's accompanying 1970 novel of the same name (heavily based on the original script), and the historical backdrop behind the military units depicted in the film. With these elements in mind, we bring a touch of Hollywood magic to your tabletop battlefields.

When the movie industry seeks to depict German armor from the Second World War, the Tiger tank is often the go-to choice. Yet, Tigers are exceedingly rare, with only one operational Tiger tank remaining in the entire world. In the 1969 Yugoslavian war epic 'The Battle of Neretva,' an ingenious solution was found: converting a number of T-34 tanks to resemble Tigers. It proved to be a cost-effective and practical solution for film production.

Each box of 'Hollywood Tiger' comes with a fantastic bonus—an eight-page, full-color booklet. This booklet offers personalized themed special rules for every hero and vehicle, injecting that unmistakable 'Hollywood' flair and daring into your Bolt Action games inspired by the world of cinema. With 'Hollywood Tiger,' your tabletop battles are sure to be as epic and memorable as the silver screen classics that inspired them.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted


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