Hive Guard / Tyrant Guard

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The Hive Guard can be armed with either an Impaler Cannon or a Shock Cannon. There are enough weapons to arm the entire unit with either option.

This plastic kit contains 102 components with which to make either 3 Hive Guard or 3 Tyrant Guard.

This kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.

A swarm guardian is a tyranid species that defends the swarm mind's consumption structures, such as B. Spore Chimneys and Capillary Towers built in the later stages of a Tyranid planetary invasion and have few built-in self-defenses.

A Swarm Warden is essentially a cannon beast, providing a durable, stable, and posable firing platform for the massive impaler cannon attached to its front legs

Slightly telepathic, Hive Guards allow them to "see" through the eyes of all other Tyranid organisms, allowing them to effectively fire at a target without seeing them, utilizing an unconscious wealth of incoming tactical and targeting information. In addition, through an intricate series of mental stimuli, they can command the shatterbeasts associated with the munitions they fire to change vector in flight in order to successfully lock on to targets.

Their long impaler cannons fire bony spikes for as long as a man is tall, at velocities high enough to shatter plasteel or battle armor. At the base of each spine is a small Tyranid shardbeast, a parasite that feeds on the blood vessels of the spine. When the spine is fired, the shatterbeast's guts are ripped from its body and it has only moments of its life to use its thin, skinned fins to swivel the spine toward its prey. Some Hive Guards have been known to build a Shockcannon instead of an Impaler Cannon.

Hive Guards are exclusively territorial and have a limited mental capacity, content to remain perfectly still and defending a structure. Despite being under the influence of the Hive Mind, they can be driven from their charges to the frontlines, for example when dealing with a heavily mechanized enemy. They have incredibly short incubation cycles and can be kept as terminal larvae almost indefinitely, meaning there is no need to waste biomass maintaining idle Hive Guard defenders, but instead they can be quickly spawned when the rear of the Hive Mind is attacked .


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