Hive Crone

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The Hive Crone is a flying monstrosity used by the Tyranids to establish air superiority over pillaged worlds. A creature perfectly adapted to dogfights, it can tear down enemy planes as adeptly as a ruthless pilot at the controls of a sophisticated jet fighter.

A group of parasitic Tentaclids nestle under the wings of a Hive Crone and hold on until it fires at enemy aircraft. After leaving their host, these creatures hurtle through the air, aiming at their target with unfailing accuracy. When these living missiles impact, they emit a massive bioelectrical pulse that can cripple the target's electronics or stall its engines, leaving it without power or thrust and sending it into a deadly dive.

But even without those formidable bio-missiles to launch its prey, a Hive Crone is still deadly if it flies close enough to its prey to rip through with the blade-shaped spurs on its underside.

Once all aerial prey has been eliminated, a Hive Crone will soften the planet's ground-based defenders, plummet over the heads of enemy soldiers and squirt digestive fluids at its victims.

Before they reach a target planet, Hive Crones also protect Tyranid bioships from attack by enemy assault shuttles and bomber ships as they travel through interstellar space. Crones of a Hive fleet glide silently through the inky darkness, tearing enemy ships into the frigid vacuum.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 69 components with which to make either a Harpy or a Hive Drow.


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