Hired Killers

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In the dynamic and unpredictable realm of the Outcasts, where loyalty is fleeting and survival is paramount, the "Mercenary" keyword defines a unique breed of individuals who thrive on the shifting sands of opportunity. These figures, united by their self-serving nature and the allure of coin, navigate a world where personal gain takes precedence over allegiance.

Bishop stands at the forefront of this assembly, a figure whose name carries weight in the tumultuous landscape of the Outcasts. With a past marked by shadows and secrets, Bishop embodies the essence of the Mercenary keyword. His skills as a marksman and his ability to read the currents of battle make him a valuable asset to those who seek his services.

Beside Bishop are the Desperate Mercenaries, two figures who embody the spirit of adaptability that defines the Mercenary keyword. These individuals are driven by circumstance, seeking out whatever opportunity the chaotic world of the Outcasts presents. Their loyalty is to themselves, and their skills – honed by desperation – are a testament to their survival instincts.

Together, Bishop and the Desperate Mercenaries paint a vivid portrait of the Mercenary keyword within the Outcasts' dominion. In their presence, the notion of allegiance and loyalty becomes a fleeting concept, replaced by the pragmatism of personal gain and the pursuit of opportunity. As you venture into the enigmatic realm of the Outcasts, be prepared to encounter figures who epitomize the essence of the Mercenary – individuals who navigate the unpredictable landscape with a self-serving determination that mirrors the chaos of their surroundings.


  • Bishop
  • Desperate Mercenaries x2


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