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During his lifetime, Hikari was one of four sisters who found their Shugenja abilities enhanced as they worked as a coven. On the fateful night that the sisters were offered a bargain with Yurei, the others willingly accepted the power they would gain, but Hikari stood her ground and refused, knowing the bargain would never be anything but a yolk around her neck and would be a path to evil. The bargain was only offered to the entire coven, so her sisters murdered her and accepted the bargain as three yuta. Hikari still bonds strongly with them, so her sisters raised her as a kairai and forced her to obey their commands, but sometimes she finds the will to fight her way free.

Hikari's unique connection to the Yuta means she offers even more flexibility to the Yuta box and more importantly she can use the Chaos Bolt Ki Feat and automatically win the opponent's Ki Test as she is soulless. Deciding when to shed her undead nature and take control is key to getting the most out of her profile.

Important: This model is included in the retail version of Yuta of Yurei - Themed Warband.

Blister contains one miniature that comes with a 30mm base and a full color English profile Card.


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