Hg Angled Tweezers 02 (Flat-End)

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These high-precision tweezers are specially designed for scale modeling purposes, providing you with the tools you need to handle small parts with precision and accuracy. Measuring 140mm in length, these tweezers offer a comfortable and precise grip.

Crafted from stainless steel with a polished surface, these tweezers offer an exceptionally delicate and smooth feel. The high-quality material and construction ensure the stability and durability of the tweezers, allowing you to work with confidence and control.

The arch-shaped design of the tweezers provides a secure grip on the workpiece, allowing you to maneuver and position small parts with ease. Whether you're assembling intricate models or working on delicate details, these tweezers will assist you in achieving the desired level of precision.

Invest in these high-quality tweezers for your scale modeling projects and enjoy the enhanced control and accuracy they provide. Their design and construction make them an essential tool for any scale modeler, ensuring that you can handle small parts with confidence and precision.


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