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This collection of 40 meticulously crafted hex bolts is the ultimate complement to any foundation, a testament to the harmonious fusion of form and function.

These resin-cast hex bolts, each a masterpiece of detail, invite you to explore the artistry of engineering. With threads that seem to weave stories of their own and heads that bear witness to countless revolutions, these bolts transcend their utilitarian roots to become symbols of craftsmanship.

Imagine them adorning your bases, dioramas, and creations with an air of authenticity. Whether your world is one of futuristic machinery or rustic craftsmanship, these hex bolts seamlessly integrate, bridging the gap between imagination and reality. They are more than just embellishments – they are expressions of the intricate dance between industry and ingenuity.

Just as gears interlock in perfect harmony, let these hex bolts find their place within your artistic tapestry. They infuse your creations with a tactile dimension, encouraging a connection that goes beyond the visual. These bolts become anchors, grounding your work in a world where every detail matters.

As you arrange these hex bolts, contemplate the stories they might tell. Were they once part of a colossal machine? Do they hold together the walls of a futuristic citadel? The possibilities are as infinite as the cosmos itself. With every piece you position, you orchestrate a narrative that intertwines with the bolts' inherent history.

Set contains 40 parts. Good as an addition to any base. Cast in resin.


  • 2mm - 28pcs
  • 3mm- 12pcs


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