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Embark on an expedition into the heart of mystery and exploration with the "Explorer's Society" faction, where every step uncovers new secrets and uncharted territories. Within this assembly, you'll discover models that epitomize the essence of seeking knowledge and venturing into the unknown. Bound by the keyword "Seeker," these characters symbolize the insatiable quest for understanding and discovery.

Contained within this offering are:

  • Grave Goo: A substance that embodies the very essence of seeking, Grave Goo represents the unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and understanding. Its presence mirrors the curiosity that drives explorers into the most enigmatic realms, creating a connection between the crew and the mysteries that await.

  • Moorwraiths x3: A trio of entities that reflect the spirit of seeking within the Explorer's Society, these moorwraiths become embodiments of the uncharted and the mysterious. As you assemble each model, you contribute to the legacy of discovery and the quest for understanding that defines the faction.

In embracing the keyword "Seeker," this assembly becomes a narrative tapestry woven from the threads of exploration, knowledge, and the desire to uncover hidden truths. As you prepare and assemble each model, you contribute to the legacy of curiosity that defines the Explorer's Society.


  • Grave Goo
  • Moorwraiths x3


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