Hedonite Blissbarb Seeker

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Blissbarb Seekers

Blissbarb Seekers are Blissbarb Archers who were fed up with spending their time far away and attempted to acquire an Exalted Steed of Slaanesh. They name themselves after their demonic counterparts to show both pride and hubris.

The determination to tame an exalted steed usually comes in sybarites after coming particularly close to death or having experienced a similarly traumatic experience. The experience drives them to experience life's bounty to the fullest after coming so close to death. As such, they immediately seek out the demonic beasts. Such self-destructive excess lures them, and after a long confrontation, the now battered mortal is rewarded with a mount fit for a champion.

The credo of the mounted Blissbarb is to always go faster - they are obsessed with high-speed murder, firing salvo after salvo of deadly accurate arrows into the enemy's ranks and cackling madly as they do so.

Poison of the foulest kind drips from the long, curling tongues of their mounts. Blissbarb Seekers coat their arrowheads with this poison, even a drop of which spells agonizing death for the target. Both Sybarite and Daemon bond over it, and take a cruel pleasure in seeing those affected scream until their vocal cords rasp.

This kit comes as 114 plastic components with which to make five Blissbarb Seeker miniatures (one of which can be the unit's leader, a High Tempter), and is supplied with five Citadel 75mm Oval bases. Alternatively, you can build five Slickblade Seekers.


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