Heavy Metal

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Within the intricate world of Malifaux, the Arcanists faction holds dominion over a realm where the boundaries between magic and machinery blur. At the heart of this faction lies the Foundry, a group of skilled artisans and engineers who have mastered the art of melding elemental forces with intricate constructs. Among their creations, the Metal Golem stands as a testament to their ingenuity and mastery over both magic and mechanics.

The Metal Golem, a towering colossus of metal and arcane energy, embodies the fusion of the elemental and the industrial. Crafted by the skilled hands of the Foundry, this construct is brought to life through the intricate interplay of fire, earth, water, and air. The elemental essences that course through its veins infuse it with both raw power and an uncanny synergy with the surrounding environment.

The Metal Golem is not a mere machine; it is a living embodiment of the Foundry's unique philosophy. Its body, composed of intricately woven metal and enchanted with the energy of the elements, allows it to adapt to the challenges of the battlefield with astonishing versatility. The elemental magic that fuels its core grants it the power to channel fire and water, manipulate earth and air, and unleash devastating forces upon its foes.

Accompanying the Metal Golem are the Metal Gamin, smaller constructs that share a kinship with their larger counterpart. These diminutive beings possess an innate connection to the elements, serving as both assistants and guardians to the Foundry's artisans. In battle, the Metal Gamin demonstrate their ability to harness the elemental forces, augmenting the Metal Golem's capabilities and providing strategic advantages that keep their enemies on their toes.

As the Metal Golem strides across the battlefield, it becomes a living testament to the Arcanists' ability to harness the powers of nature and technology in harmony. With every step it takes, it channels the very essence of the earth, air, fire, and water that shape the world of Malifaux. As the Foundry's masterpiece, the Metal Golem serves as a symbol of the Arcanists' mastery over the arcane and their unyielding determination to reshape the world according to their Vision.


  • Metal Golem
  • Metal Gamin x3


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