Haunted Tree Stumps

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A collection of haunted tree stumps emerges, a set designed to captivate and intrigue. With five meticulously crafted components, this Haunted Tree Stumps Set becomes an exquisite addition to any base, casting an eerie enchantment upon tabletop landscapes. The artistry of resin casting ensures the preservation of every twisted root and ghostly texture, inviting explorers to peer into the realm where the ethereal meets the tangible.

In the realm of tabletop gaming and role-playing, this set elevates the art of terrain crafting. Each stump holds the potential to be a forgotten story, a resting place for spirits or a relic of an ancient forest's memory. Whether placed on a forest floor, nestled amid the undergrowth, or situated in a dimly lit cavern, these stumps invoke an air of mystery that whispers of tales untold.

These haunted tree stumps are more than resin and craftsmanship; they are portals to the imagination. When integrated into bases, they bridge the gap between reality and fantasy, inviting players to journey beyond the boundaries of their immediate surroundings. As brushstrokes of detail that connect players to their worlds, these stumps inspire narratives, invigorate role-playing, and beckon adventurers to uncover the secrets that the woods hold.

A mere glance at this set can transport you to the heart of the story, where ancient woods and lingering spirits merge. They provide a glimpse into a realm where the mundane meets the magical, where the unseen becomes a tangible presence. With each piece carefully positioned, these haunted tree stumps take root in the tapestry of your creations, weaving an enchantment that carries players into a world where the line between reality and imagination blurs.

Set contains 5 parts. Good as an addition to any base. Cast in resin.

Height: 15mm - 20mm

  • Concept: Jacek Świnoga
  • Sculptor: Jacek Świnoga


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