Harley Quinn & Her Hyenas

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Harley Quinn, the unpredictable and mischievous anti-heroine, takes to the chaotic streets of Gotham with her loyal and equally unpredictable companions, Bud and Lou, her trusty hyenas. It's all in the name of fun and mayhem for this dynamic trio!

With her trademark red and black harlequin attire and a devilish grin, Harley is a whirlwind of energy and chaos. She's always up for a good time, and her love for chaos often puts her at odds with the law. But beneath her manic exterior lies a sharp mind and a fierce determination.

Bud and Lou, her hyenas, are no ordinary pets. They share Harley's wild spirit and penchant for mischief, making them the perfect partners in crime. Whether they're causing havoc in a local amusement park or simply tagging along on Harley's escapades, Bud and Lou add an extra layer of unpredictability to every adventure.

As they traverse the streets of Gotham, Harley and her hyenas leave a trail of laughter and chaos in their wake. They might be causing trouble for the city's criminals one moment and sharing a laugh the next. But one thing's for sure: with Harley Quinn and her hyenas on the loose, there's never a dull moment in Gotham!


  • 1 detailed thermoplastic miniature ready to assemble and paint.
  • 1 plastic base of 40 mm.


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