Harlequin Troupe

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There is a lot of variety in both posing and weapon options, and all of the components in this kit are fully interchangeable with the other Harlequin plastic kits.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 80 components with which to make a 6-man Harlequin squad. Also included are 6x25mm round bases and a Harlequins transfer sheet.

Harlequins hail from the ancient Eldar realm. They first emerged amidst the hedonistic debauchery of the Eldar before the Fall to perform their ancient mythic dances. These acts attempted to remind their people of everything they threw away. However, many of their listeners reacted with hostility, forcing these early harlequins to get their bearings in battle.

During the fall of the Eldar, the laughing god Cegorach managed to escape destruction at the hands of Slaanesh. Cegorach's followers were safely hidden in the web path and survived the disaster unscathed. However, immediately after the sinking, the Harlequins disappeared into the Webway in preparation for a war that would completely engulf their future. After centuries of isolation, the Harlequins made their spectacular return in M33 when the Mask of Midnight Sorrow broke from the Webway onto the world of Llayen Nuadh to repel a horde of Slaaneshi demons and save the Ulthwe forces in the process

Harlequins are also known for their exotic and deadly combat weapons. The cruelest of these is the Harlequin's Kiss, which resembles a sharp tube tapering to an evil point and attached to a warrior's forearm. The tube is actually filled with monofilament wires. When the kiss is struck into a victim, the wires unroll and whirl around, slicing the victim apart from the inside.


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