Harlequin Skyweavers

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A Skyweaver is a specially modified jet bike used exclusively by the mysterious Aeldari Harlequins. These heavily armed and incredibly fast vehicles house both a pilot and a driver, each playing a specific role.

While the pilot steers the jet bike with unparalleled grace, the harlequin at the rear deals death with his specially designed melee weapons. In combat, squads of Skyweavers outmaneuver their enemies before cutting them to pieces with concentrated firepower.

Their torrents of shuriken fire and crackling bolts of electromagnetic energy slaughter infantry and reduce enemy tanks to sparking wrecks with equal ease. When closing in on the enemy, Skyweavers are equally deadly, players hurling star bolas or slashing with zephyr glaives.

There is little the enemy can do about it as the jet bikes move faster than the eye can follow. In addition, they are cloaked in holographic fields and psychodisruptive mirages that confuse sensors and tug at the sanity of those who dare fight back

Holo-Suit – Harlequins in battle transform into iridescent mists, their outlines exploding into storms of light that confuse the enemy's aim and confuse their minds. The holo-suit or dathedi - meaning "between the colors" - is responsible for this transformation. The device contains a programmable holo-field that decomposes the wearer's profile into a fractal storm of light as they move; The faster they travel, the more pronounced the effect. Thus, a charging Harlequin appears as nothing more than a vague, prismatic storm that is nearly impossible to hit, allowing it to dodge blows that would otherwise knock it down.
Star Bolas - Star bolas, or tredalil, are melee weapons that mount three weighted plasma charges at the end of mesh-woven cords. These charges activate when the bolas are rotated with sufficient force. The weapon is designed to be hurled in a scything arc, wrapping itself around its target before its plasma charges explode with the fury of a dying sun.
Mirage Launchers – These pods fire holo-grenades that cloak Harlequin vehicles from view, engulfing them in a tangle of light and color.

 This multi-part plastic kit contains 84 components with which to make 2 Harlequin Skyweavers. Also includes 2 large flying bases and a Harlequins transfer sheet.


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