Harlequin Shadowseer

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Shadowseer are specialized psykers belonging to the Eldar race and can be seen within the ranks of the Harlequins, with their abilities particularly focused on abilities related to confusion and fear. Their presence adds to the power of all their kin's performances as they unleash programmed hallucinations through their Creidann grenade launcher packs. In masques, a shadowseer takes on the role of a storyteller, forming sparkling phantoms that dance and duel in the air. When called to battle, however, they can force visions of unholy terror upon their enemies, or even banish the Harlequins' presence from their minds entirely.

These seers play the role of fate and fortune in their performances, being said to know the fate of all their companions - even that of the Great Harlequins themselves. These powerful psykers are known for their psychic abilities as great as them a Farseer of the Craftworlds. Shadowseers tend to wear masks like all Harlequins, although theirs are uniquely bare and smooth. As such, it is claimed that those who look into their faces often see another face reflecting back at them, which can be either their own face in a future or alternate time.

Shadowseers are known to be the only psykers allowed to travel openly within Commorragh, where many of them, although distrusted, have been found in the war councils of Archons, Succubi, and Haemonculi.

Each Shadowseer wields a mist staff - a weapon that directs their mental powers to crush the enemy's armor, flesh, and bones. They are also commonly equipped with a Creidann Pack Grenade Launcher

 This 11 part plastic kit makes one Harlequin Shadowseer armed with a shuriken pistol, smoke stick and hallucinogenic grenade launcher. The shuriken pistol can be replaced with a neuro disruptor, which is also included. The model is supplied with a 25mm round base.

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