Haradhrim Warriors

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The Haradrim hail from the southernmost lands of Middle-earth, ruled by snake-infested plains and arid deserts. They are a cruel people; their hearts have grown cold and hard in long, bloody wars, and their fate is inseparable from Sauron's. They are not unquestioningly at his command like many of his servants, but joined him willingly out of enmity towards Gondor. If the Haradrim put aside their own struggles for power and unite under one banner, they might even take on the legions of Mordor. In droves, lightly armored warriors pounce on their enemies, larding them with poisoned arrows or impaling them with long, barbed spears. What they lack in skill and training, they more than make up for in barbaric ferocity.

Life among the ever-warring tribes of Harad has always been hard, even when there is no major conflict engulfing the land. The constant fighting has ensured that the men of Harad are well versed in the craft of war.

This plastic set contains 32 components with which to make 24 warriors of the Haradrim: six with spears and six with bows. The set contains 24 round bases (25mm). The miniatures are unpainted and require assembly. We recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


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