Hamilton Apartments

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"The Hamilton Apartments provide spacious living accommodation, as long as you don't mind the neighbours constantly rapping musical numbers."

Transform your wargaming world with this stunning three-story, semi-detached inner city apartment block. Boasting a large flat roof and removable floors, this building provides ample space for strategic play. The fire escape adds an extra layer of tactical opportunity, making it easy to access the building from the roof or make a quick escape.

The exterior detail of this kit is exceptional, with intricate designs and etching that will come to life with a little bit of paint. This simple yet effective building will become a standout feature on your gaming table, adding an element of realism and depth to your urban environment.

Crafted from 3mm MDF, this kit is easy to put together and looks fantastic on the tabletop. It's the perfect scenery to use with modern and post-apocalyptic 28-35mm wargames. While the model is supplied unpainted and requires assembly, with a little bit of PVA glue and some creativity, you can create a unique and unforgettable gaming experience.

Don't settle for a mundane urban landscape. Add an element of excitement and realism with this three-story, semi-detached inner city apartment block. It's time to take your wargaming world to the next level.


Width     Depth    Height
190mm  186mm  248mm


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