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Gyrocopters are revolutionary flying machines that provide Dwarf armies with targeted air support or a form of rapid reconnaissance.

These war machines use a revolutionary rotor blade steam engine that allows them to take off in the air and land vertically or even hover in place, making them the first technological marvel to achieve the ability to fly. The first gyrocopter was invented and then improved by dwarven engineers, and due to its rarity only a trusted member of the Engineers' Guild is allowed to maintain and operate one. The inventors of this machine were initially inspired by observing ferocious kites swooping down from mountain cliffs. They combined the idea of ??wings with engines to power drills and flywheels for grinders, which eventually formed the basis of the steam engine that powered the rotors. After several centuries of constant calibrations and revisions, the first real prototype was recorded with great success. The earlier models were mostly made of canvas and light metal, but over time the newer variants became much more heavily armored and featured improved hulls and weapons.

Since their introduction into the dwarven military arsenal, gyrocopters have enabled dwarven strongholds to stay in touch without having to risk themselves by simply flying over the dangerous enemies occupying the mountain passes. After all, many Dwarf Holds have since created many landing pads on the mountaintops of their surrounding territory from which a gyrocopter can land and be refitted for its next mission. Gyrocopters are known for dropping emergency supplies in times of need, where supplies and messages can be dropped from a gyrocopter directly onto a besieged dwarven settlement, allowing them to last much longer and sending out cries for help when in danger can be far too overwhelming than that itself the dwarves could handle it alone.

In combat, gyrocopters give the dwarves the speed and ability to strike anywhere on the battlefield without directly risking the lives of the pilot and the plane. Armed with a small rapid-firing cannon at the front, these planes have proven their effectiveness time and time again against the enemies of the dwarven race. In the past, some - possibly insane - members of the Engineers Guild invented a gyro multiseater to launch more than one dwarf into the sky at a time, but this creation was seen as of little use in the dwarven military hierarchy.


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