Gutbusters Ironblaster

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Ironblasters are cannons mounted on the backs of Rhinoxes used by the Gutbusters Ogors.

These Mobile Siege Parts fire explosions that sound like volcanic eruptions. As soon as they were fired, they ignited a barrage of flames that hurled several cannonballs. Their ammunition is capable of blasting through a castle wall in a single salvo. Should there be any survivors of these artillery pieces that have taken a shock, they will be knocked down by the gunner or trampled by the mount.

There are many Gutbusters legends about how the first Ironblasters came to be, but everyone agrees on one thing. They were the formidable weapons of the Sky-Titans from the Scrabrous Sprawl. When their empire was torn down or, as some myth-speakers say, swallowed up by Gorkmorka, these cannons and other destructive weapons were salvaged by the Ogors. Over time these weapons were destroyed until only a few remained, which were claimed by the wealthiest and most powerful Mawtribes. The rest can find similar devices by looting the walls of conquered Sigmarite cities, hustling Ironweld engineers to make such devices, and even finding someone willing to do business with and craft for Ogors.

This multi-part plastic kit contains 109 components with which to make either an Ironblaster or a Scralauncher, and is supplied with a Citadel 120mm Oval base.


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