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A basic gunwagon is a variant of a standard battlewagon and consists of a powerful engine and a mounted Big Shoota on a chassis. A gun carriage has only one seat for the driver, but grab handles are provided to transport orcs short distances. Similar to other Ork vehicles, the Gun Carriage is a highly modifiable platform and can be armed with a Zzap Cannon, Kannon, or a quad of AA Cannons while retaining its transport capabilities. In addition, the gun carriage can be heavily armored to protect the driver and gunner, and can also mount an additional Big Shoota.

A Gunwagon's main weakness is that should it be hit by enemy fire, the massive amount of ammo inside will often explode spectacularly. The orcs see this less as a disadvantage and more as an opportunity to take some enemies with them.

This 135-part plastic kit makes a gunsuit. The kit includes options for Fat Gun, Cannon, Panza Cannon, Slingshot, Zzapgun, Deathroller, Mega Griffon and Wrecking Ball. It can alternatively be built as a roller tank or main battle tank.


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