Guild Steward

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Embrace the Guild's ethos of adaptability and versatility with this unique figure, embodying the Guild's ability to excel in various roles and situations. The Guild Steward stands as a testament to the Guild's capacity to navigate challenges with finesse and skill on the tabletop.

At the heart of this ensemble is the Guild Steward, a figure of multi-faceted utility and support. With its ability to enhance the capabilities of the Guild's forces and manipulate conditions on the battlefield, the Guild Steward embodies the Guild's commitment to adaptability, providing both strategic depth and flexibility to your forces.

United under the Guild Versatile keyword, the Guild Steward captures the essence of the Guild's ability to excel in any situation. Whether it's through tactical support, strategic positioning, or versatile manipulation, this figure embodies the Guild's unwavering determination to navigate challenges with finesse. Embrace the power of adaptability, command with versatility, and lead your Guild Versatile forces with unwavering determination as you command this dynamic figure to victory.


  • Guild Steward


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