Guardsmen Veteran Heads (10)

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Guardsmen Veteran Heads Set

Elevate your futuristic 28mm heroic scale human soldier models with the Guardsmen Veteran Heads Set. This set includes ten high-quality resin Veteran Heads, specifically designed to fit a variety of trooper miniatures. With two copies of each design, you have plenty of options for customizing your models.

The Guardsmen Veteran Heads feature intricate details and unique designs that showcase the experience and toughness of battle-hardened soldiers. These heads convey a sense of determination, resilience, and professionalism, adding character and personality to your miniatures.

Whether you're building an elite squad, a group of seasoned veterans, or simply want to distinguish certain troopers on the battlefield, these heads are the perfect choice. Each design captures the essence of a battle-tested soldier, featuring different helmet styles, facial expressions, and equipment.

The set is crafted from high-quality resin, ensuring exceptional detail and durability. The heads can be easily attached to your models using glue or other suitable adhesive, allowing for seamless integration with your existing miniatures.

With the Guardsmen Veteran Heads Set, you can bring a new level of realism and depth to your futuristic human soldier models. Whether you're engaged in tabletop wargaming or creating a display army, these heads will make your troopers stand out and command attention on the battlefield.

Equip your troopers with the Guardsmen Veteran Heads and showcase their experience, skill, and unwavering dedication to duty. Upgrade your models and create a force that exudes professionalism and battlefield expertise.


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