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Within the haunting expanse of Malifaux's Neverborn faction, a creature of both primal majesty and chilling legend reigns supreme – the Grootslang, a formidable embodiment of the Swampfiend keyword.

The Grootslang, a living enigma, embodies the eerie essence of the swamps with its massive, sinuous form. Coiled and powerful, it navigates the murky waters and tangled foliage with an almost supernatural grace, a true master of its domain. Its ancient hide bears the marks of battles fought across centuries, and its eyes, like twin pools of darkness, hold the secrets of the ages.

Legends intertwine around the Grootslang's origin, whispered tales of its creation in the heart of forgotten marshes. Some say it's the result of an unnatural union between serpent and elephant, a being born of the earth's primal elements. Its strength is said to be so great that it can reshape the very land with its might, and its intelligence is rumored to rival that of the wisest sages. Yet, for all its power, the Grootslang remains a creature of balance, an elemental guardian of the swamps.

When the moonlight bathes the wetlands, the Grootslang's luminescent markings come to life, casting an eerie glow that captivates those who dare to behold it. Its presence commands a primal respect, evoking awe and fear in equal measure. Those who have ventured into the heart of the swamp and crossed paths with the Grootslang tell of a presence that emanates both danger and an ancient wisdom, as if the creature is a living embodiment of the swamp's secrets.

As part of the Swampfiend faction, the Grootslang stands as a sentinel and a harbinger, a protector of the very essence of Malifaux's darkest and most enigmatic corners. Its presence resonates with the intertwined threads of nature's power and the Neverborn's inscrutable influence, a symbol of the mysteries that await those who journey into the heart of the unknown.


  • Grootslang


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